Saturday, April 7, 2012

When the parents are away...

the kids dog will play.  At least it was in our cause tonight.  My husband and I dropped the kidlets off at the inlaws for the night.  Figuring the dog was safe and sound in her crate we grabbed dinner and a movie.  This was the sight that greeted us when we returned home. 
See that red and black crate in the upper left corner of the picture.  She broke the zipper and pushed her way out.  They she decided the room was in no way festive enough so my ultra crafty puppy make home made confettii from a ream of copy paper.  Then because white wasn't her thing she peed on it to make it yellow.  BUT we told her before we left to not eat her doggie bed and I can happily say that she left the bed alone.  Guess next time we need to say "stay in the crate, don't destroy the room and don't eat the bed!"

It is a good thing she's so stinking cute!

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letters numbers and book oh my! said...

Fun, our 22 week old red heeler pup just used hubby's $100 pillow (which don't even get me started on him spending that much money on a pillow. And he still snores like a freight train :) as a chew toy. Pillow is still usable, but puppy is in trouble with him big time.

Shan said...

Our puppy is a 14 wk old Mastiff mix. She is great execpt she is a chewer.

Glad the pillow is still usable! I understand about the puppy being in trouble. My hubby was less than impressed last night!

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