Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From Drab to Fab: Valance Beautification

Here is the tutorial on how to make my no sew, super cute, ridiculously easy valance. (My pictures for this project are less than wonderful, so please look past the ugliness of the quality, thanks a bunch)

You will need:
  • Two valances
  • Scalloped fabric stuff
  • Straight fabric stuff
  • Satin ribbon
  • Satin bows
  • Liquid stitch
(Disclaimer: I am by no way a sewer, I have no clue what things are called or the proper way to do anything so, if you know what something is called and would like to correct me on it feel free.  Just know in my scatter brain mind it will probably get lost with did I brush my hair, why are you wearing your shoe on your head, no you can not sell your sister)

Okay, so to start I cut off 12 inch sections from one of the valances.  I cut from each end so that I would not have to finished off the ends.  Smart thinking, I know. I laid them next to each other (making sure the curtain rod holes lined up and they were both facing the same direction) and glued a strip of black satin ribbon to the front of both, in essence gluing them together with out you being able to know that is what I am doing. 

Once I have done this for both sides of the valance I flipped it over and glued the end pieces of the ribbon to the back, like this. 

I let this dry for about 15 minutes.  I wanted to make sure that the ribbon was attached nicely before I moved on to the beautification of this plain valance. 

Time for its makeover!  I started with the scalloped black fabric thingy I found.  Now for some reason it was scalloped on both sides, why I have no clue but I didn't want it scalloped on both sides so liquid stitch to the rescue again.  I glued the edge down.

Once I had it glued, I let it sit for 15 minutes.  Then I glued the black fabric thingy to the bottom edge of the valance.  I positioned it so that the edge of the valance could not be seen between the edges of the scallops.

Again, let dry for 15 minutes, then attach the other black fabric thingy but I did mine at the top edge, over where the curtain rod would go inside the valance. 

And yup, you guessed it.  Let this sit for 15 minutes to dry.  Once it was dry I flipped it over and glued the ends on the back side.  I forgot to take pictures of this but I am pretty sure you can figure it out.  One suggestion to to make sure your ends are not longer than an inch, it looks better, especially on the bottom edge.

Lastly, I attached the two bows, one on each of the satin ribbons.

I love how it turned out, I don't have a picture of it hung up yet because well, I have not hung it up yet.  I am waiting till we paint.  I spent less than $30 total for this one of a kind valance.  After looking at the finished project I wish I had put a piece of satin ribbon going down the middle of it with a bow, just to break up that huge space but it still look great. 

So there you have it, not one stitch was sewn nor not one finger pricked to make this super cute, ultra easy, deliciously adorable valance.


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