Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Curtains Here, Curtains There...

...so many curtain everywhere.  Yet, I could not find a single one I liked to match our bedroom.  Now some might say I am picky and others mights say just use anything but *stomps foot* I am not picky and I don't want just any curtain...I want the perfect curtain.  Well, valance actually but same difference.  What seems to be my down fall is that the one window we have in the master bedroom is not an easily found measurement.  Our window is 58 inches, not too out there but enough that finding a valance or blinds isn't as simple as I would like.  Initially I wanted to put roman shades in the room, white roman shades with a black valance.  Sounds nice right...I thought so until I realized I need to special order the shades at $300...ummm no thanks.  I mean $300 will feed my girls for like 2 minutes!  (joking...kinda)  So fine, I'll settle for plain mini-blinds.  Then I move onto the valance, do you think I can find anything that I like that goes with the rest of the room and will fit a 58 inch window?  I give you two guesses but you will only need one...NO

I looked all over and fell in love with this one but it measures 54 inches and because of the way it is made I cannot use two together.  So after searching, getting mad and searching some more I screamed ENOUGH!  Well not really screamed but it sounded good.  I decided that I would just make something up to go with the room.  I started by picking up a couple of plain black valances at the World (a.k.a. Wally World (a.k.a. Walmart)).  I then hit up the craft stores in search of just the right ribbon...WHAM...that is me running into another wall.  I could not find a single ribbon that I liked that would match my room.  I mean come on, how hard is it to find a black and white floral ribbon (or valance)?  So I kept poking around and found this cute black scalloped material that had white embroidered flowers.  I snatched that up so fast that I am sure the old lady next to me must have thought I was...well different.  No, I don't know what it is called because I don't sew but it is an inch wide and fabric.  I was then able to find another kind that matched it but without the scalloped edges. 

Now that I had the pretty stuff to put on the valance I needed a way to join the two together without it being noticeable...black satin ribbon baby.  I cut one foot sections off each end of one of the valances to attach to the other.  Each valance was 60 inches so I didn't need the full amount of both, just enough to make it look full. 

To assemble...are you ready...I sewed not one single stitch.  Yes, you read the correctly, not one stitch was sewn in the making of this valance.  Amazing, I know.  Hold your applause till the end please. 

Liquid Stitch: a non-sewers dream come true

This stuff was my friend.  We worked, we laughed, we bonded...no literally, I kept gluing my fingers together.  But I was able to create my entire valance using this liquid gold stitch.

More tomorrow on how to assemble this ridiculously easy and adorably cute valance but here is a sneak peak at the finished product. 


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